The Buff Luv Philosophy

Your body is the ultimate reflection of your lifestyle and how much love you show yourself. You need to cherish your body, respect its capabilities by challenging it, and treat it with kindness by giving it the attention it deserves. You need to feel empowered in the flesh and confident in your own skin. How could you expect everything else in your life to have an even flow if you don't first take care of you? Center yourself: fix muscle imbalances, gain stamina, coordination & balance, and allow yourself to become strong, agile, and flexible. How you treat your body translates to how you treat your life. Buff Luv Fitness revolves around building physical and mental resilience so you can love yourself first.  

About Ariel

An Asheville transplant since age 9, Ariel Sanders was head personal trainer during her time at UNC - Chapel Hill, gaining know how and proficiency teaching specialty group fitness classes such as TRX and high intensity boot camps. 

Ariel has a holistic approach to fitness. Her philosophy is to cultivate a balanced and agile body, incorporating the most effective elements from an assortment of fitness regimens to sculpt and strengthen the body. Meticulous about proper form, she teaches her clients how to move with grace and fluidity. She designs fun, safe, and creative programs for all ages and fitness abilities, but specializes in body sculpting, weight loss, athletic performance and youth development. 

Since Childhood, Ariel practiced numerous sports including rock climbing, fencing, hockey and tennis, while dancing ballet from a young age. Her experience engaging in a wide array of sporting activities brought with it the enthusiasm to seek greater knowledge on sports conditioning and training. AFAA certified, she currently whips her dedicated clients into peak shape at her private studio in South Asheville. 

Q & A with Ariel

Why is fitness your passion?

I’m addicted to movement! Movement is essential for a healthy, happy life and it keeps me feeling balanced both physically and mentally.  But more than that, it revitalizes my soul. That may seem like an odd thing to say, but there is a direct link between how you treat and feel about your body and how that is reflected in the lives of those around you.

What made you want to share your passion with others?

Well, everything that we do in our lives starts from within. My mother always says, “Treat your body like it’s going to live forever, and your soul like it’s going to die tomorrow” and I try to live by that quote. I truly want others to understand the importance of having a physically fit body. Helping others build strong bodies is so empowering and I love giving others the fuel they need to live a more positive life.

What are your goals for your clients?

First and foremost, I want my clients to be just as passionate about fitness as I am, but I also want my clients to understand just how important personal training is. No matter how much fitness experience a person may have, there is always something that he or she should be improving on, and it’s my job to make sure goals are being set and reached. My focus is also on perfecting form, which is paramount in preventing injury and getting results. Proper form is often undervalued, and the truth is, if you’ve never had personal training, you are most likely doing a lot of exercises incorrectly. So, one of my biggest goals is to get clients to learn correct and efficient ways to move their bodies so that even if they attend a fitness class or put on a DVD program, they will always be producing greater results. 

Why should I hire you as my personal trainer?

Quality personal training is one of the greatest investments you can make for yourself and your loved ones because it keeps you accountable. It forces you to push hard, motivates you to succeed, ensures you are getting adequate knowledge and guidance, and keeps you from ever getting bored with your routine! I am very good at keeping things fresh and enjoyable, while safely challenging you to your full capacity. I can easily adjust to different paces, levels, and limitations and will always give you the best workouts with all of my energy!

The best advice I can give you when hiring a trainer is to be sure that he or she LOVES fitness. Energy is contagious, and you need to make sure you are getting influenced in a positive direction. The trainers who are passionate about fitness are the ones that are constantly reading up on the latest fitness trends, staying up to date on research, and testing out new methods, classes, or workout gear. They are dedicated to their own fitness regimens, just as they will dedicate you to yours. Don’t take fitness advice from just anyone; take it from those that set the example.